Place Team Name Username Total Points
1st tsuch a good team lemon 858.7
2nd HunterXHunter is the best anime don't fucking @ me Draiden 824.4
3rd nuttybuttys nuttypizza 778.37
4th Mertank Goon Brigade Mertank 745.61
5th Al Horford Fan Club Badger 727.89
6th #FreeSLammi iTz SLammi 705.97
7th RedondO 660.24
8th Rainmaker Rainmaker 643.71
9th I fucking hate myself EmperorOfAsia 568.42
11th Wax On Wax Off PooNaNi 504.12
12th DoZe Gaming Ltd. Sonnegod SadBoy 468.17
13th $0 Pick Again Ayyy Vynil 449.69
14th Strider's GoldenBoys Stack Strider 382.72
15th Remster's Retards Remster_ 346.02
16th The Unbearables Alpha Mammal 331.35
17th lilnut soyboy 319.12
18th Zithkor 308.63
19th New Phone Who Dis? TheOctane 298.11
20th Brightside of the Moon Mr.Brightside 262.73
21st C 250.46
22nd Dark Smoke 226.98
23rd I just pick myself since I am cheap! spidez 179.9
24th the best gamers EVER! XeroTec 179.46
25th FantanoFam Huncho Jack 173.66
26th Joel's Goons Joel Warlord 173.03
27th Atrie 166.4
28th Hype 151.66
29th chocothep1e 147.54
30th i'm already tracer 119.02